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Requesting a Hearing After Drunk Driving Arrest in Texas


If you are facing charges for an alcohol-related offense in Texas, you will want to make certain that you have a clear understanding of your rights. Each situation is different, and options available toward a defense may vary depending upon the circumstances of an individual arrest. Because time limits are involved in certain aspects of potential actions that a person facing drunk driving charges can take after an arrest, it is typically prudent to request consultation with an experienced criminal law attorney as soon as possible in order to discuss the legal process.

Scott H. Palmer, P.C., is prepared to address your questions and concerns regarding the charges you now face. He can also request a hearing on your behalf within 15 days of your arrest to challenge any administrative suspension of your license. Being charged with intoxicated driving does not necessarily mean that a conviction will be handed down. An experienced criminal lawyer can prepare a strong defense that may help obtain a positive outcome in court.

The potential consequences of a drunk driving conviction in Texas may include probation, vehicle forfeiture, substantial fines and jail time. These are obviously serious matters that can have significant impact on a person's private and professional life. Scott H. Palmer, P.C., will conduct a thorough investigation into the events leading up to and following your arrest to be certain that none of your personal rights have been violated in the process which could affect the outcome of your situation.

Texas law enforcement agents must have reasonable suspicion to make a traffic stop. They also must follow proper procedure when performing a search and must have probable cause to make an arrest. By retaining the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney, immediate actions can be taken to protect your rights and contest the drunk driving charges currently pending against you.

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