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Police Say Driver Had Right-Of-Way in Texas DWI Accident


An accident occurred at approximately 1 a.m. on a recent Friday in Texas. The incident involved a motor vehicle and pedestrians. Though the collision resulted in DWI charges filed against the driver of the car, police say he had the right of way before the accident took place; therefore, he was not charged with intoxicated assault.

A 21-year-old pedestrian and one other person were reportedly walking through an intersection near Texas A & M University when the accident occurred. The driver of a motor vehicle, also age 21, is alleged to have struck the pedestrians as they crossed the street. One suffered only minor injuries in the incident.

The other person injured was transported to an area hospital for treatment. It was later reported that his condition required emergency surgery. Sadly, family members and friends who gathered at the hospital were later informed that the patient did not survive his surgery.

Being charged with DWI in Texas can be a very serious matter. When an accident involves injury to another person or a fatality, the potential consequences under conviction are quite severe. As in the incident mentioned above, a driver is sometimes found to have had the right of way when a pedestrian has been struck by a car. Particularly in such circumstances, it is advisable that the person charged act under the guidance of an experienced criminal defense attorney before proceeding to court. He or she would be able to fight to ensure that a defendant's rights are protected and that all options available for defense are considered and effectively implemented.

Source:, "Police say Frenship graduate hit & killed by drunk driver", Ashlyn Tubbs, Nov. 22, 2015

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