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Can Dash Cam Footage Be Used as DWI Evidence?

dash cam laying on wooden table

Dashboard cameras record and document all events that occur when a driver is on the road. Oftentimes, drivers use these cameras in case of an accident. This way, they have proof of what occurred. However, a driver’s dash cam may also pick up on the events of a traffic stop. If your dash cam records your traffic stop turned DWI arrest, what can be done with the footage? Our attorneys at Palmer Perlstein explain how these cameras can play a role in your case.

Video from the Driver’s Dash Cam

To answer the initial question, yes, a driver’s dash cam footage is almost always able to be used as evidence. This is true even if it hurts the driver’s defense. However, it’s important to note that dash cam footage can actually be extremely helpful for drivers defending themselves against DWI charges. The footage may show that the officer violated the driver’s rights during the stop or could show a general lack of evidence validating the officer’s suspicion of DWI.

Video from the Police Officer’s Dash Cam

Some police cars also have dash cams rolling at all times. In these situations, the police officer’s dash cam footage may be used in a DWI case. These cameras may record the driver taking field sobriety tests and the verbal interactions between both parties.

Can I Delete Dash Cam Footage?

You may be concerned that your dash cam footage contains images or audio that would hurt your defense in a DWI case. However, if the footage is directly related to the case or has been requested, you should not delete it. You could be accused of destroying evidence leading to more legal trouble. Consult with your attorney if you’re not sure what to do with dash cam evidence from your DWI stop and arrest.

DWI Defense in Dallas, Texas

After a DWI arrest, you likely have a lot of questions. Our experienced and compassionate attorneys are available to help you with all of your concerns during an initial case consultation. Contact us at Palmer Perlstein today to set up an appointment and get started on your DWI defense.