Case Results

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  • Not Guilty
    Client was charged with DWI blood test .18
  • Not Guilty
    DWI by Drugs
    Client was charged with driving while intoxicated with methamphetamine in her system.
  • Case Dismissed
    First Degree Drug Possession
    Client was charged with four counts of drug possession after emergency services responded to his home.
  • Not Guilty
    Client was charged with shooting mother’s boyfriend in the face during an altercation. Not guilty on murder. At trial, found guilty of a lesser included offense of criminally negligent homicide and given probation.
  • Not Guilty
    Sexual Assault of a Child
    Client was charged with sexually assaulting his nine year old niece seven years prior at a family function.
  • Deferred Probation
    Racing Causing Serious Bodily Injury or Death
    Client was charged with participating in a race that caused the deaths of two individuals and seriously injured another.