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  • There is no doubt in my mind that Grant Gerleman lives and breathes to help people.

    Five years ago, in November of 2016, a big red truck smashed into my 3-month-old car pushing it up over a curb causing 10k in damages. Although I was shaken up, I did not sustain much physical harm. It was suggested to me to contact Scott Palmer Law Group. This decision proved to be one of the best decisions that I have ever made.

    The aforementioned accident settled out of court fairly quickly with the TX Farm Bureau Insurance. Unbelievably, 10 months later, a young man flew in front of me in an intersection totaling the same car and sending me to the hospital in an ambulance! This wreck caused me 20k in medical bills and permanent bodily injuries. Allstate Insurance wanted to give me 8k for the entire settlement! I think the phrase goes something like, “I’ll see you in court!”. Four years and four months later, we did just that. My court case was recently heard on November 15th, 2021.

    The purpose of this review is to sing the praises of the man who represented me, Mr. Grant Gerleman from Scott Palmer Law. After the trial was over, on the trip back home to the Austin area from the courthouse north of Dallas, a myriad of affectionate accolades and adjectives were flying from my heart out of my mouth about this Grant person. Even though I had met Grant during the deposition nearly two years ago, this was the first time I had seen him in action representing me in court. While the jury was out deliberating, I wrote Grant a note which said something like, ‘Regardless of the outcome, you are doing an absolutely fabulous job’ and that I appreciated him. Well, I am pleased to report that the outcome was gloriously in my favor.

    For the entirety of our time in court, Mr. Gerleman was cool, calm, and collected. He was amazingly prepared, articulate, strategic, and smart. He moved and spoke with such ease and confidence, but was unassuming and humble with his delivery. His interaction with me was kind, sweet, and compassionate. I believe there was no way the members of the jury could dismiss or not believe every word he spoke. There is no doubt in my mind that Grant Gerleman lives and breathes to help people. I truly believe he is divinely gifted in so many areas of his being. I am extremely blessed to have had him not only represent me in court but to be the catalyst in getting me my due justice.

    The last time I spoke to Mr. Palmer, I thanked him for being excellent. In any situation with a leader or head of a group, company, church, family, etc. everything flows from the top. Everyone that I had dealings with at this law group was always striving for excellence which of course, comes down from their leader, Scott Palmer. I sadly say that I hope I never need Scott, Grant, Norma, Shelly, and the rest of the team at this law group again because I never want to have another accident. However, if you EVER need an attorney to represent you for personal injury anywhere in Texas...put this # in your phone NOW…214.987.4100. You’ll thank me and be glad you did. 

    - Sheila

  • I knew I was in good hands.
    Sorsha was really helpful and was able to get my case dismissed. I highly recommend this law office. She always answers my calls and was able to answer all my questions and felt good going to court knowing I was in good hands. Highly recommend them!

    - I.F.

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  • Holding the Police Department accountable.
    I would like to thank Scott H. Palmer law firm for working with me to seek justice against Southlake PD. Without Their help I feel as if the legal system would have dismissed the officers wrong doing but my attorney James Roberts was there to help seek accountability.

    They worked with me and gave me details throughout the whole process and a settlement was reached. I like to thank Scott, Rachel, and especially James for their hard work and willingness to take a case against Southlake police department and hold them accountable.

    - G.U.

    Categories: Civil Rights
  • I highly recommend this legal team to anyone seeking professional, sincere, ethical legal representation!
    Scott Palmer and team were extremely professional, compassionate, knowledgeable, and consistent in handling my personal injury case. Even when Scott wasn't available his hand off to the other attorneys with the firm was proper and efficient. Scott, JR, Shelly, James and Norma are an amazing team. My case did result in a small victory and Scott made me feel like I was a winner, long before the verdict. I highly recommend this legal team to anyone seeking professional, sincere, ethical legal representation! The thing I appreciated most about the team, no ever sold me any dreams, they dealt with facts with the highest or morale and ethics.

    - D.M.

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  • Appreciated the team approach.
    Rebekah was amazing throughout the case and Scott and others would sit in on strategy meetings. Definitely appreciated the team approach. Coupling that Rebekah’s knowledge, professionalism, and tenacity delivered a great outcome! Thank you to all of you for your help and guidance!

    - B.M.

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  • Legal trouble? Look no further!
    When I had a very unique case that no one else was willing to represent me for, Mr. Palmer not only lent his legal expertise but also went out of his way to keep me updated as the case unfolded. He really went the extra mile, going as far as accompanying me to the county jail and helping me with the bond when I had to turn myself in. His legal team was very welcoming and understanding, and I am incredibly grateful to have had them on my side throughout the stressful ordeal. If you're having legal trouble and need somebody who knows their stuff, look no further. It's money well spent, you won't regret it!

    - Keith

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  • The best there ss!
    James and his staff were fantastic. They were straightforward and extremely easy to work with during a difficult period. James was easy to talk to and was very honest and up front about the entire process every step of the way. I’d recommend James to any one in need of his services. If I could give a higher review I would.

    - Chris

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  • The team helped get my case dropped!
    Scott and his team recently represented myself and my son on charges we faced. They were very professional and helpful throughout the process. They were able to get the charges adjust my son lowered and was successful in getting my case dropped. I would highly recommend Scott & his team, especially Rebekah, she was great to work with.

    - Tina

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  • Above and Beyond!!
    Scott is currently handling a case of a very serious nature for my brother . My brother was scheduled to appear in court for a pre-trial detention hearing. I attended the hearing in support of my brother as he could have potentially been sent to jail while awaiting his trial that was still months away. Not only did Scott do his homework in putting together his case in support of pretrial release, the amount of cases cited and evidence presented was overwhelming! In fact, the attending judge noted at the start of the hearing that she has never seen as much evidence at a pretrial hearing of this type in her career. He presented over 27 pages of documents! I was so impressed by this display that I personally thanked Scott for his dedication to my brother's well being and the efforts made on my brother's behalf. I've never seen anything like this. At that point, I felt very confident that my brother had the right attorney representing him and I can sleep better knowing this.

    - Ronny

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  • Relentless!
    Scott Palmer is the best choice I could have made. Two more cases dismissed. He kept pushing and pushing until it looked like I might have to plea and he looked some more until they finally realized they didn't have anything. Scott has also saved me from two other cases as far back as 2001 with the same results. I'm fortunate to have had Scott Palmer represent me.

    - Jerry

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  • Case Dismissed!
    I hired Scott to help me out with a DWI case. Throughout the process, he explained step-by-step what would happen and answered all of my questions. He and his staff were always responsive and helpful. Scott was very thorough in investigating my case and reviewing the state's evidence. His diligence and patience ultimately led to my case being dismissed for lack of evidence. I highly recommend him.

    - Anonymous

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  • Rebekah is a great lawyer.
    Rebekah is a great lawyer. From the very beginning she made me feel very comfortable and was very straight forward with what the process would be like. This was my first time ever getting in any kind of trouble so I was very scared. She assured me that she would be with me every step of the way. Rebekah was easy to reach and responded almost immediately when I texted her. She showed up to court ready to fight. It seems like she knows Colin County Courthouse very well and has a lot of connections. She was very knowledgeable and had a strong personality. She got my case dismissed.

    - Previous Client

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  • The best attorney!
    I got myself in a little bit of trouble a few years ago and hired a not so good attorney and plead guilty to something that I shouldn’t have. Well this charge came back to bite me in may of 2017. I was doing a lot of research on attorneys to help me with this case. I chose the best attorney I ever Mr. Scotty H. Palmer! He helped me through this stressful time and got me cleared! He always stayed in contact with me and let me know what was going on the whole! If anyone ever needs attorney hire him he will fight for you! Best decision I ever made by hiring him!

    - Desirae

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  • Dallas Best Attorney and Staff
    Dallas has a lot of attorneys but when I hired Scott Palmer to represent me, I received the top of the line representation from him and his entire staff. Thank you all for your hard work on my behalf. I am grateful and thankful.

    - Tammie

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  • I would recommend his firm to anyone!
    Scott represented me in a very difficult case and was able to not only save my career, but was always available and very supportive. I would recommend his firm to anyone!

    - Kassie

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  • Scotty is a fighter through and through.
    How many times have you heard “That attorney should charge more”? I can honestly say that about Scott. The worst morning of my life began with the FBI knocking on my door. We called Scott and another attorney immediately. The other attorney charged me $250 just to talk. Scott listened to our situation at no charge and when the FBI returned at 8pm to kick the door in it was Scott who immediately took my case and began working. He was direct and remained calm through months of back and forth. His strategy was top notch and his advice was impeccable. He handled my case and got everything dismissed. I have spoken with others who had cases similar to my own and not one of them received the level of communication and service that Scott Palmer provided. He will let you know what is happening and what to expect next. I never felt like just a number with Scott. It felt like talking with a guy who wanted to make sure me and my family were cared for. This is the level of service you get with Scott Palmer. If I had to describe Scott in one way it would be: born fighter. Scotty is a fighter through and through. He refuses to give any ground...the other side has to take it and then prove why they took it. He earned every single dime we gave. Scott is not cheap, but I dare you to say he over charged you once your case is complete. You won’t. You’ll sound just like me “You know...that Scotty fellow should really charge more”.

    - Eddie

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  • They give you 110%!
    I hired Scott after going into a consultation. He was super cool and I felt much better after talking to him about my situation! I was currently on probation for dwi. While on probation for the dwi I was arrested for public intoxication. Getting arrested is a violation of my probation even though I don't have any alcohol provisions. During the consultation he was very helpful in giving me information on what would happen when the court finds out I violated probation. Without him the court would most likely put a warrant out for my arrest, added more time to my 9 months, made me do more community service, more alcohol classes, or the worst being revoking my probation completely. I am already lucky enough to be on deferred ajudication for obstruction of a passageway instead of a dwi and once I complete my probation it goes off my record! I could not mess this up! So Scott went and talked to my judge who he knows very well and told him about my violation. Thankfully Scott is on very good terms with this judge because this judge is very strict when It comes to messing up on probation. He was able to negotiate that the only provisions added to my probation be no drinking for 60 days and I still work to complete my original provisions. No extended probation, no other classes, nothing else! Awesome!!! No drinking for 60 days being the only added provision after messing up as bad as I did is very good! I am glad I hired Scott because he saved me big time! Now i get to complete my original deffered adjudication probation! I would hate to have been on probation any longer! Scott and his team were very professional. He's a very stand up guy, no BS, honest and answers all my questions and text messages immediately. He is confident and ready to help anybody the best he can 110%! I would highly recommend him for anything!

    - Colt

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  • Life Saver
    Scott saved my life, when I was younger I made some huge mistakes that resulted in losing 25 yrs of my life to the system. But I’m older changed my life and had everything I ever wanted almost done with parole when giving someone a ride almost wiped all of that out. My truck was searched and they found drugs I went to jail and my parole was going to be revoked. Scott wouldn’t settle for anything less than not guilty. They started out offering 15 yrs. and he turned down every offer until they finally dropped charges. Saved my home,,marriage & parole. Thanks to Scott I have my life back

    - Jennifer

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  • Best Attorney in Dallas
    I got in touch with Scott by recommendation from a family friend after getting into some trouble, and was not disappointed. Scott was incredible with my case. He clearly has great relationships with the DA, the judges, and everyone in between because I received the BEST possible outcome. I'm from out of town and he answered my calls/texts day and night and constantly kept me informed on what I needed to do for my case. I know why he was recommended to me, as I would recommend him to anyone who needs some help. Thanks Scott!

    - Anonymous

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  • I recommend Scott Palmer
    Mr Palmer has been awesome! He helped with my sons criminal charges getting them reduced and dismissed. He worked with DA in a professional and successful manner. He is confident and a hard worker. Mr Palmer and His staff are top notch and I highly recommend him.

    - Tammie

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