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Two Persons Charged with Drunk Driving at Same Place in Texas


Some Texas residents enjoy watching the Super Bowl at a sports bar or a party where alcohol is served. In light of this, law enforcement officers issued a warning to motorists to proceed with caution following the big game. Despite that warning, however, two different travelers were arrested under suspicion for drunk driving in the same area.

The incidents occurred some time during the night on Super Bowl Sunday in Corpus Christi. Police claim that one woman's sports utility vehicle was struck by another motorist's truck. The officers suspected the man behind the wheel of the truck of driving under the influence and placed him under arrest at the scene.

While the arrest was taking place, it appears that another approaching vehicle veered off the road and traveled through a nearby police barricade. One officer claims that the vehicle almost struck him as it strayed from the road. That motorist was taken into police custody and has been charged with intoxicated driving. That makes two DWI arrests at the same juncture on the road within moments of each other.

Situations have occurred in Texas where drivers have been accused of drunk driving, but upon further investigation and implementation of the legal process, prosecutors have not been able to secure convictions. Because this is a possibility in some situations, anyone facing drunk driving charges typically benefits from seeking legal representation in the matter. An experienced criminal defense lawyer would know what aspects of an arrest or charges against someone may be challenged in court. Many times, sound legal counsel is the key to obtaining a positive outcome regardless of impending charges.

Source:, "Man Drives Through Police Barricade", Feb. 8, 2016

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