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What to Do If Accused of Illegal Drug Sales in Texas


Being charged with a crime in Texas is a serious matter that may present any number of legal challenges as the situation unfolds. When illegal drug sales are among the allegations, the person charged will want to make certain that a strong defense is prepared in advance of court proceedings. Various aspects of an arrest and subsequent charges are sometimes subject to challenge on legal and/or factual grounds.

Whether one is facing misdemeanor crime or felony charges, it is typically beneficial to secure experienced legal representation in order to increase one's chances of obtaining a positive outcome in court. Attorney Scott H. Palmer is dedicated to offering sound legal counsel and aggressive defense to clients in Dallas and surrounding areas. More than 10 years of defense experience aids in his committed service and ability to address drug-related issues at both state and federal levels.

Merely being accused of a crime does not necessarily mean you will be convicted. You are presumed innocent unless proved guilty by a judge or jury. Throughout the legal process, Scott H. Palmer, P.C. can act on your behalf in all interactions with law enforcement agents and court officials to protect your rights and seek as positive an outcome as possible in light of the charges against you.

By contacting our Texas law office, you can request a consultation to discuss your particular situation. We are prepared to investigate the details of your arrest to help determine whether any violation of personal rights has occurred in the process. Facing charges of illegal drug sales may place your reputation at stake. Scott H. Palmer, P.C. can defend you as you strive to move toward a positive future.

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