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In Texas, it's illegal to promote, request, or engage in sexual conduct in exchange for a fee. These acts are considered prostitution-related offenses and range from misdemeanor to felony charges. If you're convicted, you could be incarcerated for several years or be ordered to pay a hefty fine. An effective way to mitigate or avoid these harsh penalties is by handling your criminal case with the help of a seasoned lawyer.

If your freedom and future are at stake because of a prostitution charge, get the legal help you need by reaching out to our Dallas prostitution attorneys at Scott H. Palmer, P.C. We have over 98 years of combined experience and employ a team approach to develop compelling defense strategies for our clients. When you hire our firm, you'll receive effective counsel from our entire team, which includes two former prosecutors who know the judicial system from both sides of the courtroom. On top of that, you'll get zealous advocacy from Attorney Scott Palmer, who is a Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist by the Texas Board of Legal specialization. We'll work together to seek a favorable outcome on your behalf.

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Prostitution Laws in Texas

In Texas, various types of acts involving the exchange of sexual conduct for a fee are considered prostitution offenses.

The law defines sexual conduct as:

  • Sexual intercourse: Penetrating the female vagina by the male penis
  • Sexual contact: Touching the anus, breasts, or genitals of another for the purposes of sexual gratification
  • Deviate Sexual intercourse: Contacting one person's genitals with another person's mouth or anus

The acts prohibited by Texas law include:

  • Prostitution: This involves offering or agreeing to pay or receive a fee in exchange for sex.
  • Promoting prostitution: An offense is committed when someone either gets money from an act of prostitution or solicits others to engage in the conduct in exchange for compensation.
  • Aggravated promotion of prostitution: A person commits this offense when they are knowingly involved in a prostitution enterprise that consists of two or more prostitutes.
  • Online promotion of prostitution: If someone has an online site that serves as a way to promote prostitution or solicit others to engage in it, they could be charged with this offense.
  • Compelling prostitution: This occurs when someone uses threats, force, coercion, or fraud to get another to engage in prostitution. It is also committed when someone has a child under 18 years of age commit prostitution, regardless of the means they use to encourage the behavior.

What Are the Penalties for Prostitution in Texas?

As mentioned earlier, prostitution-related offenses are charged as misdemeanors or felonies. The level, class, or degree levied against the accused depends on the law that was violated and the details of the case.

For instance, if someone receives a fee for sex, they face a Class B misdemeanor charge. The conviction penalties include up to 180 days in jail and/or a fine of up to $2,000. However, if a person pays for sex, then their actions are considered a Class A misdemeanor. They could face up to 1 year in jail and/or a fine of up to $4,000.

Some offenses, such as aggravated promotion of prostitution, are charged as high as first-degree felonies. The potential conviction penalties include between 5 and 99 years in prison and/or a fine of up to $10,000.

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At Scott H. Palmer, P.C., we know there are two sides to every story, and what the evidence suggests isn't always an accurate account of the alleged incident. Our Dallas prostitution lawyers will work relentlessly to cast doubt on the State's accusations against you.

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