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What You Should Know About Cocaine Trafficking in Texas

blocks of cocaine in a briefcase with stacks of money next to it

Cocaine is one of the most commonly trafficked drugs in the United States and in Texas. Texas ranks number one in the country for cocaine seizures. A significant amount of the state’s cocaine comes from across the Mexican border. To combat this, Texas aggressively investigates and prosecutes crimes involving cocaine. Let’s discuss what you should know about the state laws regarding cocaine and trafficking, as well as the potential federal consequences.

Cocaine on the Texas Drug Schedule

Texas, like other states, classifies different substances on a drug schedule. The schedule ranks drugs from being most to least severe based on potential for abuse or accepted medical use. Cocaine is classified as a Schedule II substance which is considered one of the highest severity substances. Because of this, the penalties for crimes involving cocaine are especially harsh.

Even simple possession under 1 gram can result in:

  • A felony charge
  • Up to two years in state jail
  • Fines
  • Probation

What is Cocaine Trafficking?

Cocaine trafficking is much more serious than a simple possession charge. You may be charged with cocaine trafficking for a few reasons.

First, you may be charged if you transport any amount of cocaine across state or country borders. This is true for taking any illicit substance across borderlines. If the cocaine crosses geographical boundaries, it can become a federal drug trafficking case.

Second, if you are caught possessing a significant amount of cocaine, you could be charged with trafficking. Having over 4 grams of cocaine in your possession is a felony offense in Texas. If there are additional items found along with a significant amount of cocaine, the State could charge you with possession with intent to deliver, which could be a first degree felony that could result in a sentence of up to 99 years in prison and could also result in a federal felony drug trafficking charge.

If You’re Charged with Cocaine Trafficking in Texas

After being charged with trafficking cocaine, one of the first things you need to do is contact a criminal defense attorney. Experienced drug trafficking defense teams have seen numerous types of cases and are knowledgeable about the strongest possible defenses based on the facts of the case.

Our team at Palmer Perlstein is here to help you after a drug trafficking arrest in North Texas. Whether you are facing state charges, federal charges, or both, we have the experience needed to best defend you. Reach our team today at (214) 891-3382 or on our website.