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Overcoming Legal Challenges for Drunk Driving Charges in Texas


Texas motorists accused of alcohol-related offenses may feel embarrassed and anxious about their situations. Depending on the circumstances of an individual case, drunk driving charges can pose significant legal challenges to those who stand accused. It is typically helpful to enlist the assistance of an experienced trial attorney before heading to court.

Attorney Scott H. Palmer has provided legal guidance to citizens facing drunk driving charges throughout Texas for nearly a decade. He understands the potentially serious consequences that may result in such situations. He also knows that being charged with a crime does not necessarily mean that one will be convicted in court.

There are many things a criminal lawyer can do to help maximize a defendant's chances of obtaining a positive outcome. An attorney can investigate the details of the events the led to your arrest to assess whether law enforcement agents adhered to protocol and regulation. Your lawyer may also speak and act on your behalf in all interactions with police officers, prosecutors and court officials.

An experienced criminal lawyer has a clear understanding of state laws that govern alcohol-related offenses. By seeking legal guidance, you would gain clarification of these laws in order to make informed decisions regarding your defense. An attorney can also help you explore any options that might be available to build a strong and aggressive case against the charges you now face.

Drunk driving charges are considered criminal offenses, not traffic violations. Therefore, your future reputation and freedom may be at stake. If you have been arrested on suspicion of drunk driving in Texas, you can contact Scott H. Palmer, P.C., for immediate legal assistance.

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