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Former NFL Star, Vince Young, Accused of DWI


Former University of Texas and NFL football star, Vince Young, is back in the news. Accused of DWI, he was released from jail after being held for a little more than 10 hours on the charges. There were no injuries to any others in the incident, nor was there any type of accident involved.

Police say they witnessed the former football player's vehicle veering across traffic lanes in Austin. After the motorist was said to have been slow to accelerate at a green light, the officers say they decided to make a traffic stop. They reported that the former quarterback appeared intoxicated at the scene.

Officers say that Young refused a request to take a Breathalyzer test. Allegedly, he told them he had consumed several beers earlier at a nearby hotel. He was taken into police custody and booked for DWI, then held in jail until the following morning. He was then released on $2,000 bail.

Being arrested for DWI in Texas or elsewhere can have a negative impact on one's personal and professional reputation. Nevertheless, drunk driving charges are simply accusations and are not proof of anything. The formal charges must be proved in court and beyond a reasonable doubt before a conviction is possible. If Young did in fact refuse to take a breath test, he may face consequences with respect to his license to drive a motor vehicle, though an appeal of any administrative determination is usually possible. Without a breath or blood test, however, prosecutors will likely have to base their case on the testimony of the police officers who performed the traffic stop.

Source:, "Vince Young: Ex-NFL Superstar Arrested For DUI In Texas-See His Mugshot", Taylor Weatherby, Jan 25, 2016

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