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Deadly Car Accident Began On President George Bush Turnpike


Driving on a divided highway generally means that all of the traffic is moving in the same direction at the same relative speed. However, there are many reasons why the flow of traffic can be disrupted, including circumstances involving a slow down or stoppage. If Texas drivers are not prepared for these eventualities, a car accident might occur.

A vehicle occupied by four individuals, including two minors, was on President George Bush Turnpike heading eastbound in the outside lane. The traffic ahead of them had slowed, and the driver veered left in order to avoid a collision. The SUV careened across all of the travel lanes.

It was then that the driver completely lost control of the SUV. It flipped several times before flying off the overpass. The SUV then fell over 60 feet to a parking lot below.

The 28-year-old driver was alive and communicating with emergency responders when they arrived at the scene. The other three passengers in the SUV -- ages 19, 13, and 12 -- all suffered fatal injuries in the crash. In the last report, investigators were still attempting to ascertain precisely what caused the crash. No further details have been released by Texas authorities.

It appears that three of the vehicle occupants were related, but the 13-year-old did not bear the same last name like the others. Nevertheless, the law does not bar personal injury or wrongful death claims simply because the plaintiff and defendant were or are related. The estates of the three deceased passengers have the legal grounds to file wrongful death claims against the party or parties who negligently caused or contributed to the fatal accident. If negligence is proved, the family might receive monetary damages to offset the financial losses incurred in the aftermath of this deadly car accident.

Source:, "SUV falls from Richardson overpass; 3 young women dead", Angela Madison, Jan. 17, 2016

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