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Police Claim Drug Manufacturing Occurred at Texas Apartment

Police have filed various charges against a Texas woman for a number of drug related offenses. The 19-year-old is facing multiple felony counts, including drug manufacturing and delivery of a controlled substance. Officers claim to have found the drugs at her apartment.

Police searched the woman's apartment, saying that they suspected she was a drug dealer. After searching her bedroom, they assert that found a large amount of cocaine. Officers also claim to have found other drugs on the premises, including marijuana and Ecstasy.

Authorities say that items suggestive of drug manufacturing and sales were also located at the woman's residence. These items allegedly included a digital scale, a price list and materials that could be used for packaging. The charge involving marijuana was issued as a state felony because of the amount that police say they found.

This situation carries potentially very severe penalties, including a very long prison sentence and substantial fines. A person accused of drug manufacturing or other substance-related offenses in Texas is presumed innocent unless proved guilty in court. A seasoned criminal attorney would be able to determine how best to proceed in building a strong and effective defense by identifying legal and factual issues to address before the court. He or she would also fight to protect a defendant's Constitutional rights at all stages of the criminal proceedings. A first logical step to take in retaining the help and support of a legal advocate would be to request a consultation as soon as possible after an arrest has taken place.

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