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Drunk Driving Can Have Serious Consequences in Texas


An incident occurred on a recent Sunday in Texas that involved a man who is suspected of driving while intoxicated. The alleged drunk driving case also involves a child. The man who has been charged in the case seems to have a history of similar convictions.

The 49-year-old man in question was said to be traveling in an area just south of Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. He is suspected of being drunk as he drove his vehicle near a flea market in the area. At some point, his vehicle reportedly struck a child, who was injured and assisted by emergency officials responding to the incident.

A pole was also hit during the accident, and witnesses told police that they saw the man behind the wheel of the vehicle when the crash took place. Apparently, the man has three prior convictions of driving while intoxicated on his record. One of these instances also is said to have involved a child of minor age, who was reportedly in a vehicle with the man when he was stopped and accused of intoxicated driving.

In the recent case, the 49-year-old now faces criminal charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and drunk driving as a third-degree felony. There are legal representatives in Texas who are experienced in assisting those charged with similar crimes. A person preparing to face charges in court has the right to obtain legal representation as he or she determines the options available in his or her individual case.

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