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Texas AAA Goes Public with Advice on How to Avoid Drunk Driving


In American culture, there are several events which occur annually that usually inspire the desire to gather with family and friends in celebration. Texas residents are most likely no different that others in the nation, and Super Bowl Sunday is one such occasion where popular customs and festivities might include libation. In an effort to raise awareness and encourage responsible partying, the American Automobile Association recently published suggestions on ways to avoid drunk driving.

Triple A is known for its customer service and assistance to its members when it comes to vehicular trouble en route of travel. Map and direction services are another popular feature which many members say they enjoy. It might come as a surprise to some, however, that the company included publishing alternative drink recipes as part of its business plan this year. The Texas AAA reported that its efforts were meant to help residents enjoy the Super Bowl without falling into alcohol-related trouble on the road. The company encouraged party-goers to delegate a sober driver for transportation but also included recipe ideas for festive drinks that are alcohol free, some of which included ingredients that display various team colors.

Even with such good advice and creative ideas available, there still remains a serious issue when it comes to alcohol-related incidents on America's highways. The state Department of Transportation reported that there were eight alcohol-related vehicle deaths during the Super Bowl of 2014, and 128 DUI crashes in the state that same day. Sometimes, a party-goer might get carried away and he or she imbibes to a point which might cloud his or her good judgment and driving abilities.

Any person involved in a Texas incident where he or she is accused of drunk driving is entitled to seek legal consultation in order to prepare to face the charges in court. Such circumstances can obviously be quite stressful. Having the assistance of an experienced legal representative could possibly alleviate some of the stress involved in the process of defending oneself in court while ensuring that important legal rights are fully protected.

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