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  • Scott H. Palmer, P.C.

    I was so grateful that I didn’t have to spend the night in jail.

    A couple of years ago I made a huge mistake and I was charged with abandon endanger child criminal negligence. I was very new to everything that was happening. I had never been arrested before, so I was very new to the entire process. The day of the incident I was arrested. That evening I was released on bond. Something I was told NEVER happens so quickly. Right away that told me I had great lawyers that were quick and got things done. I was so grateful that I didn’t have to spend the night in jail. The next day I got to meet my lawyers. They were able to answer all of my questions. My parents were with me and they also answered all of their questions (they had more than I did). I had many questions. I was told that the first thing that needed to be done was getting my grand jury packet together. I had no idea what that was. My lawyers gave me instructions on exactly what I needed to do. The most important thing was getting around 15-character witness letters. Rebekah instructed me exactly how the letters needed to be outlined. Once all the letters were turned in, the grand jury packet was made. The day of the grand jury I was devastated that I was indicted with a felony. Rebekah reassured me that it wasn’t the end. That they were still going to fight hard. Rebekah told me about a diversion program meant for first time offenders. She said she wasn’t sure if I could get it because they usually take cases involving drugs. My case was more unique to the program. She said she would try hard. In the meantime, I had to come to court once a month. That’s what I did. Every time I came Rebekah would be there. It was great to be able to meet with her once a month to find out how things were going. In between the meetings I was able to call or text her at any time I needed help understanding what was happening. Sometimes she even had to explain things more than once. Several months later I was finally accepted into the diversion program. Rebekah had me meet with her and explained what would be required from me while in the program. In another year I will be done with the program, and I know I can call on Rebekah to find out what the next process will be.