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Post-Car Accident Do’s and Don’ts

Car Accident

Unexpected car accidents happen to everyone at some point in our lives. One minute you drive down the road, and the next, you’re sitting in a car crash, waiting for the authorities to arrive.

Often people are not sure how to react after a crash, and lots of times, they end up getting sued or face criminal charges. Drivers would often benefit from knowing what they should or should not do or say after an accident, and for that reason, we’ve laid out the post-car crash do’s and don’ts.


Contact emergency services: If you or anyone involved in the incident is hurt or injured, it is best to call the police and any other emergency services. Seeking medical attention can be crucial if you are hurt or injured.

Take pictures & keep records: If you have a cellphone camera or other recording device around, then you should take pictures and document the vehicles involved and any injuries you have sustained. It is also important to note that you should avoid taking photos if it interferes with an ongoing investigation.

Contact an attorney: Contacting an attorney is a great step to take after a car accident. They may be able to help advise your situation, so you do not end up later regretting what you said or your decisions in a court of law.


Don’t leave the scene: If you leave the scene of an accident, particularly one that you may have caused, it can be considered a hit and run.

Don't apologize: After an accident, it may seem like the polite thing to do is apologize, even if it isn’t your fault. This may be a flawed action. If you apologize after an accident, the other party involved now has an admission of guilt from you that they can use in a court of law.

Don't lose your temper: It can be easy to get angry or upset after an accident. Letting your emotions take control of you, especially if you are angry, can potentially be brought up later in a police report or later in court.

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