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Lawsuit Filed Against Home Depot and Allied Security

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Attorney Scott H. Palmer is providing legal representation to the families of two police officers shot inside Home Depot last year. The officers were shot after they arrived at the store to take a suspect into custody.

On April 24, 2018, security personnel at a Home Depot in Dallas detained an individual suspected of shoplifting. One of the security officers searched the suspect for weapons and found a can of mace. However, after police arrived on the scene, the suspect pulled a gun out of his pocket and shot the two officers. One of the officers was killed, and the other was seriously injured.

The families of the officers have filed a lawsuit against Home Depot, Allied Security, the security officers who detained the suspect, and the suspect himself. The lawsuit alleges that, although security personnel conducted a pat-down of the suspect, they failed to perform an adequate search, which is why the suspect still had his gun on him.

Additionally, the lawsuit claims that the suspect was not properly detained, as he was unrestrained when the officers arrived. When holding a suspect, it’s industry standard to handcuff them until they are taken into custody.

Home Depot is named in the suit for not allowing Allied security personnel to carry firearms while on duty.

Palmer stated that the shooting could have been prevented had security properly completed their search of the suspect. He said that if the suspect had been disarmed, “there would have been no shooting, no death, no chaos.”

Click here to read the full article from Dallas News.

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