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Attorney Palmer Represents Former Judge Wooten in Case Against Collin County


Former District Judge Suzanne Wooten has filed a federal civil lawsuit against Collin County and four men who targeted her with a baseless and defamatory criminal investigation. Although Wooten was exonerated of all felony convictions, her reputation, career, and livelihood were irreparably damaged by the investigation, which was spurred on for political gain. She has retained Attorney Scott Palmer of Scott H. Palmer, P.C. for her legal representation.

The four men named as defendants in addition to Collin County are:

  • John Roach Sr.: Former Collin County District Attorney
  • Greg Abbot: Former Texas Attorney General, now Governor of Texas
  • Chris Milner: Former Collin County Assistant District Attorney
  • Harry White: Former prosecutor for Attorney General’s office

As Attorney Palmer announced in a recently-released public statement, the primary purpose of the lawsuit is enforcing standards and accountability for officials of the criminal justice system. Damages are sought in both compensatory and punitive capacities.

In 2011, a jury convicted Wooten of bribery, conspiracy, and other white-collar crimes. Her sentencing included a decade of probate, a fine of $10,000, days’ worth of community service, removal from the bench, and a decade of professional license suspension. One year ago, at the end of May 2017, she was acquitted of all charges and she was given an official “innocent” ruling.

The conviction and sentencing hinged upon the alleged misuse of campaign funds for her election in 2008. It would later be determined that Wooten never received money from the alleged bribers, nor had she ever heard of them. Wooten’s new lawsuit, backed by powerhouse Attorney Scott Palmer, cites the unfounded “evidence” as one of many tools used by the defendants to wrongfully remove her from office, defame her, and otherwise destroy her personal wellbeing.

For more information about this ongoing case, you can click here to view a full article from Dallas News. If you require the services of Scott H. Palmer, P.C., call (214) 891-3382 or use an online contact form to request a consultation with the firm’s Addison criminal defense and injury attorneys.

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