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Why Brain Injuries Need To Be Taken Seriously


A brain injury is defined as any trauma to the scalp, skull, or brain. It can be a minor bump to the head or a penetrating injury. Regardless of how minor or severe the injury is, all brain injuries should be taken seriously, given the major risks they can pose to one’s health and well-being. If you have sustained a brain injury due to someone else’s negligence, you must seek the skilled and experienced representation of a personal injury attorney has soon as possible. At Scott H. Palmer, P.C., our legal team is dedicated to helping victims with brain injuries obtain the compensation they deserve.

Types of Brain Injuries

Brain injuries can either be closed or open:

  • Closed Head Injury: This type of injury generally refers to a blow to the head that does not break the skull.
  • Open Head Injury: This refers to a penetrating injury that breaks the skill and possibly enters the brain. An open head injury is more likely to happen when you are moving at a high speed, or if assaulted by a weapon.

A concussion is one of the most common types of closed head injuries. They are usually caused by falls, sports activities, or car accidents. In fact, a concussion can be caused even simply by experiencing a sudden and violent movement of the brain, which might even cause unconsciousness. However, a person does not have to lose consciousness to have a concussion. Most people never pass out and, in many cases, concussion victims are not aware of their injury.

Symptoms of Concussions

Depending on the severity of a concussion, an individual’s symptoms can vary. Some of the most common symptoms of concussions include:

  • Confusion
  • Headaches
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Trouble with memory
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Change in sleeping patterns
  • Seizures
  • Walking or balance issues

Symptoms are not always immediately apparent and sometimes take days to surface. If you believe you have sustained a brain injury, seek medical help as soon as possible.


Even the most minor brain injury requires medical care. It is possible that a doctor might only recommend rest and to avoid engaging in your normal activities like work, school, or sports. He or she might also advise you on how to manage any headaches and how to treat symptoms. If your symptoms are more severe or you suffered a skull fracture, you will likely require a hospital stay.

Other brain injuries can have similar symptoms, which might appear right away or develop slowly over a matter of hours or even days. Even if the skull is not fractured, the brain might still be bruised, resulting in swelling or bleeding in the skull, which can be life-threatening.

Head and Brain Injury Claims in Texas

Trauma to the brain can leave victims with severe and permanent injuries. As such, it is important to speak with an experienced legal advocate who can review your claim and inform you of your rights as soon as possible. At Scott H. Palmer, P.C., our legal team is committed to helping brain injury victims and their families secure adequate compensation to help them recover and move forward with their lives. You should not have to pay for someone else’s negligence.

Our Dallas personal injury attorneys have experience in handling brain injury cases caused by car accidents, motorcycle accidents, sports accidents, slip and fall accidents, and nursing home abuse or neglect. From an initial investigation through strategic negotiations or trial, our legal team will work with you to ensure you and your family get the justice you deserve.

Contact us today at (214) 891-3382 to schedule a consultation with a trusted member of our award-winning team.

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