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Manufacturers Should Be Held Liable For Defective Products


Anytime Texas residents purchase a product, they expect it to work properly and be safe. Defective products can lead to serious injuries -- or death in some cases. Manufacturers, distributors and even sellers of these products may be held liable for any serious harm that comes to consumers because a product does not meet current safety standards.

In order to meet those standards, manufacturers are required to put accurate labeling on the products. If a product is mislabeled in some way, it can cause severe health consequences to consumers. For example, many Texas residents have severe allergies to ingredients such as peanuts, dairy and soy. If a food manufacturer fails to disclose that these ingredients are in a particular product, a consumer could suffer irreparable harm or even die.

Insufficient warning or instructions can also lead to catastrophic consequences for consumers. For example, all of the potential side effects, warnings and/or drug interactions of a medication need to be listed. Even if the instructions are complete and all warnings are included, people have suffered injuries and death when using products as intended because they were defective when purchased.

Far too many defective products are released for the consumption or use of the public each year. Recalls often do not filter down to consumers quickly enough to avoid serious injury or death. Product liability claims may be filed against the appropriate parties, seeking restitution for the financial losses incurred as a result of the negligence of another. If a claim is successfully litigated, the injured party -- or the family of a decedent -- may be entitled to a monetary judgment that could alleviate those monetary burdens.

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