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Former Texas Teacher Indicted for Alleged Drug Offense


Many people face legal challenges when accused of illegal drug activity in the state. A woman who was a former teacher in a Texas elementary school was recently indicted by a federal grand jury. Authorities say she is wanted for a number of reasons, including a drug offense and money laundering.

The 42-year-old woman is apparently the sibling of three others who were charged in another drug trafficking incident. A deputy associated with the recent indictment case said that the woman in question is known as a quiet lady who teaches children. In September 2015, she suddenly quit her job and moved away from her home.

It was shortly thereafter that the woman's two brothers and one sister were accused of some very serious crimes that included kidnapping, extortion and drug trafficking. They have all pleaded not guilty and are slated to go to trial in the near future. The woman's mother is said to have told authorities that she thinks her daughter is avoiding them because she fears being arrested herself.

The former school teacher is currently wanted on federal charges in Texas related to conspiracy linked to racketeering, kidnapping and the drug offense mentioned above. In similar situations, it is typically in a defendant's best interests to meet with an experienced criminal defense attorney to seek counsel. Allowing an attorney to act on one's behalf in court is often crucial toward obtaining a positive outcome because an experienced lawyer can provide effective representation by offering an aggressive defense against impending charges.

Source:, "Texas teacher now fugitive after family's drug trafficking and murder charges", Daniel Borunda and Aaron Martinez, Feb. 23, 2016

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