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Federal Drug Charges Filed Against 20 in Texas


Presenting a strong and aggressive defense is obviously crucial toward obtaining a positive outcome in court when one is charged with a serious drug crime. Typically, the chances of achieving a favorable result increase when a defendant acts along-side the guidance of an experienced criminal lawyer. In fact, it is advisable to request a meeting with an attorney as soon as possible after one has been arrested in connection with federal drug charges in Texas.

A recent incident occurred in Austin that has resulted in the arrests of at least 20 people. The defendants range in age from 28 to 57. Officials for the U.S. Attorney's Office claim that the accused were all involved in a drug ring that was distributing methamphetamine throughout Central Texas.

Those who were arrested also face various charges in connection with alleged crimes having to do with marijuana and cocaine. Some of the charges against the defendants include conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance and use of a communications device to further illegal drug activities. Several of the accused face a possible 10 years to life in prison for their supposed roles in the drug trafficking operation.

Authorities claim to have seized substantial amounts of methamphetamine, firearms and cash in their investigation. All of the defendants are currently being held in federal custody. It is likely that someone facing federal drug charges in Texas would benefit from consultation with an experienced criminal defense attorney who has successfully defended others in similar situations. One of the first things an attorney can do is investigate the details leading to and following an arrest to make certain that no personal rights were violated in the process.

Source: Austin, Tx. Patch, "U.S. Attorney's Office Busts Up Central Texas Drug Trafficking Ring," Tony Cantu, March 10, 2016

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