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Young Man Facing Murder Charges in Texas After Holiday Party


In Texas and beyond, some people are facing serious criminal charges related to incidents that occurred during recent holiday celebrations. Every person accused of a crime is advised to seek legal counsel before proceeding to court. The guidance of an experienced criminal defense attorney is often key to a positive outcome, whether charges involve assault, drunk driving, or even murder.

One young man was recently arrested in another state in connection with an alleged shooting that took place in Texas on New Year's Day. The man is thought to have been one of at least five occupants in a sport utility vehicle that supposedly became involved in a dispute with occupants from another vehicle on the way home from a holiday party. The driver of the other vehicle, a 20-year-old female, was reportedly shot when someone in the SUV opened fire as both vehicles were leaving the scene of the argument.

She was taken to the hospital but later died after being removed from life support. The man arrested as a suspect is a U.S. Marine corporal. He was taken into custody at a Marine Corps air station in Arizona on a recent Tuesday.

Facing a murder charge in Texas is a serious matter that can present many legal challenges. Innocence is presumed unless a defendant is proved guilty in court. Various aspects and details of an individual incident may have substantial bearing on the outcome of a trial; therefore, guidance from an experienced criminal lawyer with an extensive understanding of the law and legal process would enhance the ability to build a strong defense against the charges.

Source: CBS News, "Marine arrested in Arizona for New Year's murder of Texas college student", Jan. 5, 2016

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