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How to Build a Strong Defense when Charged with a Felony in Texas


Being investigated for a serious crime, such as capital murder or a violent assault, means that the court will be making decisions that can potentially impact the rest of your life. Building a strong defense is often the key to obtaining a positive outcome in court. There are many aspects of the law and the legal process that must be considered when determining how best to proceed if charged with a felony in Texas.

At Scott H. Palmer, P.C., our attorney understands charges do not have to result in convictions. He can apply his knowledge and experience to aggressively defend you against assault, burglary, manslaughter or homicide charges. There are times when an experienced attorney can argue against charges on grounds of self-defense, protection of others or lack of intent.

We are prepared to thoroughly investigate your situation in order to seek evidence that can be used in your favor. We can also help you determine whether your rights were violated at any time during the process of the investigation and your subsequent arrest. If negotiations and attempts for plea agreements do not prove successful, we can aggressively defend you to the fullest extent of the law to perhaps increase your chances of a positive result.

It is understandably upsetting and stressful to be charged with a felony in Texas. Scott H. Palmer, P.C., offers effective representation in a supportive atmosphere. We will challenge any or all portions of the legal argument against you when possible, which, in some situations, leads to evidence being ruled inadmissible or charges being dismissed altogether. You can begin the process by contacting our office to arrange a consultation.

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