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There Is No Excuse For Nursing Home Abuse And Neglect


Each year, numerous Texas families make the difficult decision to relocate an elderly loved one into a nursing home. The expectation is that the family member will be cared for in accordance with federal and state laws, at the very least. Unfortunately, far too many residents across the country suffer from nursing home abuse and neglect.

Bed sores, unexplained bruises from falls and malnutrition/dehydration are all signs of substandard care. In other cases, at risk residents can wander off because the staff was not paying adequate attention. Even more distressing is that some residents are abused physically or sexually. If it becomes clear that your elderly family member is being neglected or abused, quick action is required.

Once your loved one is in a safe place, a thorough investigation needs to be conducted to preserve evidence and determine who is directly responsible. Understanding what your rights and responsibilities are may require the assistance of an attorney who can also help with the filing of a legal claim. Such a claim can be filed against the individuals involved along with the nursing home and any other parties identified through the investigation.

Lack of qualified staff, or a lack of adequate staff, often contributes to neglect or abuse. If staff members do not receive the appropriate training or are not properly vetted when they are hired, the nursing home may be held accountable for the trauma your loved one has endured. Nursing home abuse and neglect do not happen in a vacuum. An attorney can help you get justice for an elderly family member and perhaps prevent other Texas residents and their families from going through the same situation.

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