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Texas College Students Charged with More than 1 Drug Offense


College campuses across the nation are sometimes known to be places of bustling activity, parties, and otherwise noisy events. Some students choose to live in off-campus apartment complexes where similar incidents occur. On a recent Saturday night, four Texas students were taken to jail after police responded to a complaint at their apartment and filed drug offense allegations against them.

Apparently, police claim that a noise complaint was issued with regard to loud music that was coming from the students' apartment. Four men, two age 20, and two others, age 19, were at the residence when officers arrived. The police claim that they smelled marijuana as they approached the door to enter the residence.

After officers obtained a search warrant and conducted a search of the premises, they filed multiple charges against the four young men. The charges were reportedly connected with drug paraphernalia and several types of controlled substances that officers claim to have found in the apartment. All four students were released from jail after posting bond.

Though many Texas college students hail from other states, they are entitled to act under the guidance of an experienced criminal defense attorney in the area if they are arrested or charged with a drug offense while residing on campus or at an apartment nearby. Depending upon the circumstances of an individual situation, the penalties incurred under conviction for such charges can be quite severe. It is typically prudent to seek the advice of an attorney, who is able to speak and act on one's behalf in court, thus alleviating some of the burdens of a process that can be laborious and complex.

Source:, "Four Texas A&M students arrested on drug charges after police investigate noise complaint", Oct. 27, 2015

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