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Dangerous Toys And Other Defective Products Can Harm Children


Texas parents typically do everything they can to protect their children from harm. This includes being particular about the toys and other products they bring into their homes. Unfortunately, there are dangerous toys and other defective products out there that, no matter how much research parents do, could end up harming their child.

Some products look good on paper but, if they were improperly manufactured, may be dangerous or defective. Small pieces of toys can break off and create a choking hazard. Car seats can malfunction and contribute to the injuries your child suffers in an accident. Stroller mechanisms can fail and send your child tumbling to the ground. Warnings and instructions that come with a product may be inadequate and expose your child to harm.

These are just some of the issues that parents across the country, and here in Texas, have encountered from products that manufacturers claim to be safe for children. Errors in manufacturing occur far more often than they should, and sometimes, recalls of these products do not reach consumers like you in time. Do not be so sure that any serious injuries that your child suffered from a product are isolated incidents.

If your child was seriously injured as the result of a dangerous toy or other defective products marketed for children, seek the advice of an attorney as soon as possible in order to protect your rights. A thorough review of the circumstances under which your child was injured could warrant the filing of a product liability claim. A successful civil action may provide you with the financial resources you need for your child's future medical care if negligence or breach of warranty is established.

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