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Substantial Penalties Can Result from a Drug Offense in Texas


In Texas, and all other states, a person who is accused of criminal activity is considered innocent unless proved guilty in court. A drug offense can result in severe penalties, if a conviction is rendered in a case. A person facing charges related to a drug crime will want to ensure that his or her rights are protected as he or she prepares to go to trial.

Scott H. Palmer, P.C., is a dedicated professional with experience in defending those who are facing drug-related charges in court. Attorney Palmer has more than 10 years of experience in both federal and state courts. He is committed to helping his clients throughout the legal process.

One of the first things that the legal team at Scott H. Palmer, P.C., will do for your case is investigate the circumstances leading up to your arrest. There are times when it is discovered that an illegal search and seizure has taken place or there has been an attempt to suppress evidence. Further, some arrests have been made without probable cause. Having an experienced attorney on your side to act as an advocate under similar circumstances can be quite helpful as you attempt to navigate the legal system.

The office of Scott H. Palmer, P.C. will connect you to those who are able to assess your individual case and offer advice and suggestions with regard to potential options and how best approach court proceedings. There are also staff members available who are proficient in speaking Spanish for cases in which this ability would be a benefit. Whether you have been charged with driving under the influence in Texas or another drug offense, you are entitled to seek legal representation in the matter.

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