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Bed Sores Are Often A Sign Of Nursing Home Neglect


Every day, many Texas residents with elderly family members begin the search for a nursing home that will take care of their loved ones in the same manner in which they would if possible. Even when families are careful, it is nearly impossible to be sure that their loved ones are treated well. Bed sores are a sign that a resident might be the victim of nursing home neglect.

Few things could be more devastating than going to visit an elderly family member at the nursing home you helped choose and discovering that he or she has bed sores and/or pressure ulcers. They are ordinarily caused when a patient is not rotated properly by staff. The resulting injuries are painful and can lead to a life-threatening infection and even death.

You and your family would understandably be upset and immediately seek competent medical care for your injured loved one. Most likely, you would also be looking for a new nursing home. From the moment the injuries are discovered, expenses begin to add up. Medical care alone can easily run into the thousands of dollars.

Filing a civil action against the nursing home and/or any other parties deemed responsible for your loved one's bed sores may not reverse any permanent damage or bring back a loved one who died, but it can help with the financial losses sustained as a result. It may also help prevent another elderly man or woman from suffering the same fate. No family here in Texas or anywhere else should have to face the possibility that a loved one is facing nursing home neglect.

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