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Toyota Still Facing Lawsuits Over Acceleration Issue


When a person in the Dallas area drives his or her car he or she typically feels confident that it will function properly. However, like all products, motor vehicles can also have defects. When these defects lead to serious injury or even death then a person, or his or her loved ones, may be entitled to compensation.

Despite a recent court victory in Los Angeles, Toyota Motor Corp. is still facing several lawsuits over the electric problems that caused some of its cars to accelerate without control. Although a jury in Los Angeles ruled that the car manufacturer is not liable for the death of a 66-year-old woman in 2009, that lawsuit was just one of several hundred that are still waiting to be heard in courts around the country.

One attorney who will be taking another case against Toyota to federal court in November is not concerned that the verdict in the Los Angeles case will affect his case in Georgia. He is prepared to argue that the Camry his client was driving accelerated uncontrollably because of defective electronics. The car ended up crashing into a school.

While Toyota won a victory in this case, there are still hundreds of cases against the company for the faulty electronics that caused the vehicles to accelerate out of control. Anytime a consumer makes a purchase he or she should be able to expect the product to function properly. However, when an injury occurs because of a defective product a person may want to speak with an experienced product liability attorney.

Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch, “Toyota riding momentum in wild acceleration cases,” Justin Pritchard, Oct. 11, 2103.

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