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Nursing Home Abuse And Neglect On The Rise


Elderly people, like children, often have lesser abilities to protect themselves against abuse than do many other people. Residents in Texas care facilities today face a continuing rise in the number of reported cases of nursing home abuse and neglect. Such abuse can take the form of physical, mental/emotional or sexual abuse. Neglect can range from unsanitary conditions to untreated conditions such as bed sores and more.

A recent article reported that a 2012 report from Congress found that more than 9,000 citations for abuse have been issued to nursing homes in the United States over the course of two years. Of the nearly 5,300 nursing homes in the country, almost one third of them have received such citations. Roughly six percent of all citations identified in the report were for violations severe enough to put residents at risk of serious injury or even death.

More recently, 21 former employees of a Georgia facility for patients with Alzheimer’s have been the subject of an investigation. Based upon evidence of physical abuse and neglect, more than 70 charges relating to financial exploitation, elder abuse or neglect in all will be brought against the group of 21 employees.

Elder abuse is a serious matter and requires heightened awareness on the part of authorities, law makers, nursing home administrators and staff as well as families. If you suspect any form of elder abuse or neglect, it can be wise to speak to an experienced Texas elder law attorney to understand the best ways to help protect any potential victims.

Source: The Inquisitor, “Dozens charged in Georgia nursing home abuse investigation,” July 2, 2013

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