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Alcohol/Drug Use Linked To Over Half Of Arlington's Fatal Crashes


Devastating accidents can occur when motorists take to the roads when drunk or under the influence of drugs. Car accidents involving drug or alcohol use sometimes cause deaths.

Thus, one hopes that all drivers here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area make sure to only get behind the wheel when sober. One also hopes that bars, restaurants and other establishments that serve alcohol take all proper steps to ensure that their patrons do not engage in intoxicated driving.

Recently, some statistics have come out regarding alcohol/drug-related fatal auto accidents in one of the cities in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Arlington. According to the statistics, in the past two years, fatal traffic accidents linked to alcohol or drugs have made up around 65 percent of all fatal auto accidents in Arlington. This is a rather high rate. The rate for Texas as a whole is around 40 percent.

Arlington police have been putting forth efforts to try to reduce the occurrence of drunk driving and driving under the influence of drugs in the city. Included among the things authorities have done are: modify their DWI enforcement efforts, implement certain educational campaigns against intoxicated driving and work to develop additional drunk driving prevention training for certain alcohol-serving establishments.

Several important questions come up in relation to the above-mentioned high rate Arlington is experiencing when it comes to drug/alcohol-related fatalities. What is causing this high rate? Is this rate being caused by higher occurrence levels of drunk driving and driving under the influence of drugs? Are the above-mentioned efforts that police in Arlington are taking going to have any effect on this rate in the next few years? Are there any additional efforts that police in Arlington have not yet taken that they should? Do other cities in the Dallas-Fort Worth area have similarly high rates?

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