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  • Scott H. Palmer, P.C.

    Scott Palmer and his team are extraordinary.

    I believe, anytime someone is in need of an attorney, nine times out of ten your situation is not going to be a good one. I don’t really know anyone who was ever excited to go to a lawyer’s office. That being said, I must say, Scott Palmer and his team are extraordinary. Scott and his associate J.R. Fletcher handled my case with extreme professionalism while maintaining a comforting and positive outlook. I am confident that with my case we reached the absolute best outcome for myself and my family all due to Scott’s hard work, honesty, and dedication to his profession. He made me feel as if I was always his number one priority regardless of his case load. I know not a single call or email went unanswered. His attention to every fine detail, resilience to obstacles that seem impossible, and his ability to be encouraging no matter how discouraging a case can become has won my lifelong loyalty. I could write pages upon pages about my wonderful experience with Scott Palmer’s firm. However, for time’s sake I will put it simply for you. Nine times out of ten, you will not want to ever have to use an attorney. Nine times out of ten, you will be in some sort of pain and wish it could all just disappear. If you are reading this, and you are looking for an attorney, Scott Palmer will prove to be the one time out of that ten you are grateful to have one.