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  • Scott H. Palmer, P.C.

    The best!

    Scott Palmer in my opinion is one of the best attorneys in Dallas and after working with him on two different occasions, I think he is the probably the best attorney in Texas. I was recently arrested for a misdemeanor C charge on a Thursday night and Scott worked after hours, taking time away from his family, to get me out of jail within hours. Even the police who told me I was bonded said I must have a very very good attorney. One of them even commented, I would like to keep his name in case I ever get in trouble. I am sincerely telling you from my heart that Scott really cares and will go the extra mile to take care of his clients. He really cares. I was also charged back in 2011 in a case which went to the grand jury which he had dismissed. He has the take charge personality and has a very commanding presence. He was recommended to me on this case and I am very glad I got to work with him. Trust me, if you want the best attorney on your side that will fight for you, then I would definitely consider Scott.