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  • Scott H. Palmer, P.C.

    Above and Beyond!!

    Scott is currently handling a case of a very serious nature for my brother . My brother was scheduled to appear in court for a pre-trial detention hearing. I attended the hearing in support of my brother as he could have potentially been sent to jail while awaiting his trial that was still months away. Not only did Scott do his homework in putting together his case in support of pretrial release, the amount of cases cited and evidence presented was overwhelming! In fact, the attending judge noted at the start of the hearing that she has never seen as much evidence at a pretrial hearing of this type in her career. He presented over 27 pages of documents! I was so impressed by this display that I personally thanked Scott for his dedication to my brother's well being and the efforts made on my brother's behalf. I've never seen anything like this. At that point, I felt very confident that my brother had the right attorney representing him and I can sleep better knowing this.