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  • Scott H. Palmer, P.C.


    “You have enemies? Good. That means you have stood up for something, sometime in your life.” - Sir Winston Churchill Greetings!! After 27+ months, countless futile trips to the Tarrant County Courthouse, thousands of dollars, lost sleep, false accusations, refusals to validate my state of mourning, etc. It’s finally OVER. It took the jury 45 minutes or so to unanimously move for acquittal. Ye Ha!!! (Happy Dance Inserted Here) To quote Tom Petty - "I stood my ground and I won’t (didn’t) back down." It is so relieving and healing to have this off my shoulders and to be able to move past this horrible event and be validated for what I have known all along. I am innocent. First, I would like to extend my most humble heart felt and enormous gratitude to my attorneys, Mr. Scott Palmer and Ms. Rebekah Perlstein. A seriously potent pair - the Paragon of Justice exemplified. To quote MC Hammer - “You Can’t Touch This!” Me - "Really! You can’t." Ms. Rebekah, when I grow-up I want to be just like you. Your intelligence, knowledge of the law and proper procedure was superb. Your use of words was imperceptible to your prey and they never saw you coming around for the kill. The real estate controlled by you in the Courtroom was stunning. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Mr. Scott, I think Ms. Rebekah’s nickname should be “Velo,” short for Velociraptor. ;-) Scott, what can I say? I’ve pissed you off (don’t lie) and you’ve pissed me off, yet you SO had my back (like my orthotics) ;-). I apologize for each and every offensive word spoken or left unspoken by me. At the end of the day, you were spot-on. You kept me focused, refused to let me digress, and in Court, you used the phrase, “Red Herring.” An aha moment for me. What a perfect analogy to describe my thoughts of how month after month, I was required to appear in Court, and how month after month on end I was sent home without the satisfaction of being allowed to tell my story. With flawed thinking, I failed to include you or your practice as feeling the same deflation as myself. In that, you too were experiencing the same missed opportunity to advocate on my behalf. Another apology I owe to you. The first time we met you seemed intrigued and wanted to know more. You asked pointed and direct questions. You expected the truth from me and would not accept less. After collecting and viewing the videos amply supplied by the very Police who arrested and charged me, you became more entrenched in the truth and a staunch advocate of my innocence. Tenacious to a fault, you never gave up on me or kicked me under the bus. You’d say get your “s_ _ t” together, get some sleep, and let’s go get ‘em. Your abilities as both a counselor and litigator are nothing short of sterling; as well, your palpable presence in the courtroom was compelling, engaging, and frightening (if I were on the opposing side). I was so happy that you were on MY SIDE. With heart, intelligence, compassion, power, fearlessness, fortitude, and presence you owned the Courtroom in its entirety, from curb to curb. Thank you is not a strong enough phrase to express everything I want to convey, but I believe you understand me enough to “cut to the chase.” :-)