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Have You Been Charged with a Drug Offense in Texas?

Facing drug-related charges in Texas can have potentially serious consequences should a conviction be rendered in court. If sentenced for a drug offense, one might incur an extended length of time in prison, as well as a substantial monetary fine and other penalties. It is typically advisable to act under the guidance of an experienced criminal lawyer after one has been arrested for or charged with a drug crime.

Scott H. Palmer, P.C. is prepared to protect your rights. Mr. Palmer is dedicated to helping clients who have been accused of criminal activity involving drugs. He uses his legal experience in the field to develop a strong defense strategy and plan an effective representation for each of his clients.

Once arrested, it is best to contact a legal representative as soon as possible. This allows your attorney to launch an immediate investigation so as to make certain that none of your personal rights have been violated by law enforcement agents during the process, or in the aftermath of your arrest. It also allows your lawyer to help you determine all options that might be available toward obtaining a positive outcome in court.

Whether your situation involves drug trafficking in Texas, illegal possession of a controlled substance, manufacturing of drugs or the intent to sell and distribute them, Scott H. Palmer, P.C. is prepared to defend you when you stand trial. If this is your first suspected drug offense, there might be a way to obtain a reduction of charges. In addition, there is sometimes just cause for requesting that charges be dismissed. In order to determine how best to proceed in the light of the accusations against you, you can contact our law office to schedule an appointment.