Drug Offense Charges Filed Against 54 in Texas

More than 50 people are facing related allegations of criminal activity in Texas. Drug offense charges were filed after an investigation that involved local, state and federal authorities. Accusations also include suspected associations with white supremacy groups.

The federal crimes of which the 54 are accused are related to alleged participation in a drug distribution ring in North Texas. All but two have been taken into custody. The drug activity is said to have been conducted over the past two years.

Federal authorities claim that the drug activity is connected to known organizations of white supremacy. In 2014, similar charges were filed against 37 other suspected members of the same groups. All but one of those persons were convicted in court.

Whether at the federal or state level in Texas, being accused of a drug offense does not presume a guilty conviction. Each person facing charges in court is entitled to act under the guidance of an experienced criminal lawyer. Depending upon the circumstances of an individual situation, a seasoned attorney is sometimes able to obtain a dismissal of charges or a reduced sentence under conviction. The more serious the charge, the more likely it would benefit the accused to seek legal counsel and representation in the matter. A person convicted of a federal crime is liable to experience long-lasting negative effects in his or her personal and professional life; therefore, it would be deemed prudent to retain a legal advocate who can fight to protect one's rights and act on one's behalf in court in order to pursue as positive an outcome as possible.

Source: NBC DFW, "54 Charged Over North Texas Drug Operation", Accessed on Nov. 23, 2015