An Attempt To Pass On A 2-Lane Road Caused Car Accident

One of the most dangerous times during any trip on a two-lane road is when the driver of one vehicle attempts to pass another. Even when done legally across a dotted line, moving into the oncoming lane of travel is a risk. The potential for a car accident increases the moment a Texas driver begins to maneuver around the slower moving vehicle.

For example, Highway 103 in east Texas recently became the scene of a head-on collision. The Texas Department of Public Safety reports that the wreck, which occurred on a Monday afternoon, was the result of a westbound vehicle attempting to pass the vehicle in front of it. When the vehicle moved into the eastbound lane, it did so into the path of a Jeep already in the lane.

The two vehicles collided with great force. The 49-year-old man who attempted to pass died due to the injuries he suffered in the impact. A 68-year-old woman was driving the Jeep, and her 70-year-old husband was her only passenger. Both initially survived the crash and were rushed to a hospital in the area. Tragically, both died at the hospital sometime after the accident.

Even though the other driver believed responsible for the car accident perished in the crash, the family of the two victims may still file wrongful death claims against the estate of the driver. Before a civil court judge will consider awarding any damages requested by the family, it will first be necessary to establish through applicable evidence that the westbound driver was negligent in a manner that caused or substantially contributed to the tragic accident. A successfully litigated claim might then result in a monetary judgment being entered in favor of the family.

Source:, "Texas DPS: 3 killed in 2-vehicle wreck near Lufkin", Oct. 27, 2015