Some Texas Residents Face Legal Issues Involving Weapons

On occasion, a Texas resident has been charged with a crime involving one or more weapons. Legal issues surrounding weapons charges might pertain to a person having a gun in his or her vehicle or someone accused of carrying a concealed weapon without a proper permit. When a person is arrested under suspicion of such charges, he or she remains protected by specific constitutional rights.

When preparing to face criminal charges in court, a person has the right to seek legal advice from a professional like Scott H. Palmer, P.C., who has experience in defending clients who have been accused of weapons crimes. Time is of the essence in determining how best to proceed in court when one has been charged with wrongful possession of a firearm, assault with a deadly weapon, using a firearm to commit a crime or possessing a weapon that is prohibited in Texas. It is understandable that someone accused of a weapons crime would have questions with regard to what options might be available when presenting a defense in light of the charges against him or her.

A defendant has the right to assert his or her constitutional rights when brought before the court on criminal charges. Scott H. Palmer has extensive experience in the field of criminal law. He understands how to fight weapons charges while also making certain that his clients rights are upheld in court.

A Texas resident charged with a crime involving weapons who contacts Scott H. Palmer, P.C. can request to meet with a board-certified criminal law specialist. A first meeting would include a consultation. Those facing legal issues who wish to seek professional advice can schedule an appointment in order to begin protecting their rights.