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Texas Criminal Defense Attorney Will Challenge Witness Testimony

An account given by a private citizen has added details to a July 2013 incident when a man was shot and killed. A Texas police detective is accused of shooting the man after multiple confrontations in separate locations. A woman has issued a statement, telling her version of what happened just before the shooting. The officer's criminal defense attorney is questioning the validity of her statements.

The woman claims that she had just left her workplace near a bank when a man who identified himself as a policeman took command of her vehicle, instructing her to follow another man. She said that the man claiming to be an officer seemed very out-of-breath and disturbed and kept shouting for her to go faster in pursuit of the other person. The woman stated that when they caught up to the man, he appeared to be unaware that he was being followed and did not seem threatening in any way.

According to the woman, the man who said he was a policeman told her that the other man was not dangerous, but it is expected that his defense attorneys intend to question the accuracy of her memory of the events. The woman alleges that the detective leapt from her car, and she did not see anything else. Later that night, she reportedly heard that a police officer had been involved in a shooting. Upon hearing that news, she contacted authorities to give her statement.

Texas jurisprudence, as in all other states, presumes the innocence of any person accused of a crime unless he or she is proved guilty by evidence presented in court. An unlawful shooting could have very serious results if a defendant is actually convicted of the crime charged. Acquiring advice from a legal professional who is experienced in criminal defense is advisable to anyone facing similar charges.