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What to Do When Charged with a Felony in Texas

When a person is accused of a criminal offense in Texas, he or she can invoke his or her right to remain silent until given an opportunity to speak with legal counsel in the matter. When charged with a felony, it is often prudent to seek guidance from a criminal lawyer before answering questions from law enforcement agents. Depending upon the details of an individual incident, a person may or may not be taken into custody before having the opportunity to retain legal help.

Scott H. Palmer is an attorney in Texas who understands that the state tends to approach felony matters with a "tough on crime" attitude. Texas has large numbers of prison inmates on death row. Attorney Palmer is prepared to aggressively investigate your situation so as to make certain your rights are protected throughout the legal process.

Whether you are facing homicide or manslaughter charges or felony charges stemming from a drug-related incident, you are presumed innocent unless proved otherwise in court. Police officers must adhere to a very strict set of regulations and protocol when conducting searches or placing someone under arrest. An experienced criminal defense attorney can typically determine if proper authorization was sought before any search and seizure procedure was conducted.

If convicted after being charged with a felony in Texas, the penalties ordered by the court can be quite severe. A person may be sentenced to a lengthy prison term or have personal freedoms greatly restricted, as well as incur substantial monetary fines, depending on the situation. Therefore, it is typically advisable to seek sound legal counsel from an experienced criminal defense lawyer before facing charges in court.