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Uniformed Officer Accused of Illegal Drug Sales

Texas police officers are expected to follow the law as any other citizens. When a uniformed police officer is accused of illegal drug sales, it can have an immediate negative effect on his or her personal and professional life. Recently, one officer was arrested after being accused of selling drugs to a police informant.

The 52-year-old has been a member of the police force for 23 years. Allegations against him suggest that he was in uniform and driving a marked car when the alleged drug sales took place. He now faces several counts of possession with intent to distribute various illicit drugs.

The officer was placed on administrative leave without pay following an arrest by FBI agents. The chief of police stated that the department is seeking a suspension without pay. The officer was apparently also working as a security guard at a detention school in the community. The superintendent stated that it does not appear there has been any wrongdoing concerning the officer and students in the area.

The chief operating officer at the school where he was assigned said that he has never received any complaints regarding the officer in question. Anyone facing charges for illegal drug sales in Texas is able to request legal representation as soon as possible after an arrest has taken place. Being accused of a serious drug crime does not mean that a person will be convicted, though the accusations require the preparation and presentation of a focused defense. All persons are presumed innocent under the law, unless proved otherwise before a judge or jury.

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