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Failure To Account For Weather Can Lead To A Car Accident

Driving takes discipline, adaptability and the ability to appropriately react when something goes wrong. In order to do so, most Texans drive according to the pattern of traffic, road surfaces and weather conditions. The failure to take any of these factors into account can lead to a car accident.

Troopers with the Texas Department of Public Safety report that a driver recently failed to consider the road and weather conditions in a recent accident to which they responded. The error led to the deaths of two people. Parts of Highway 70 include steep inclines, and the roads were wet on the day the crash occurred.

The driver attempted to speed up the hill and lost control of his vehicle. The vehicle slid across the lanes of travel in both directions -- sideways. The out-of-control vehicle careened into another car occupied by two people.

Neither the driver nor the passenger survived the impact. The driver who troopers believe caused the accident appears to have suffered unknown injuries and was taken to an area hospital. No further information was given regarding the driver or the investigation. It is not yet known whether any charges are being contemplated.

The two victims share the same last name, but their relationship was not specified. Either way, the family retains the right to file wrongful death claims against the driver deemed responsible for their deaths. If they are able to establish that the driver's negligence led to their deaths, a Texas court may award damages to them similar to those seen in other car accident deaths.

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