3 People Die In Car Accident While Exiting Northeast Loop 820

One of the most difficult tasks law enforcement personnel perform is notifying family members that their loved ones were seriously injured or killed. This part of the job can be particularly difficult when officers are unable to provide families with the answers they may need in order to help make sense of their losses. A recent car accident on a Texas highway that only involved one vehicle ended the lives of three people, and police may not yet be able to provide the families with those answers.

The preliminary investigation into the crash provides the details regarding how the accident occurred, but not why. The vehicle was exiting Northeast Loop 820 when the driver failed to stop at a stoplight. The pickup truck careened into the guardrail and a concrete wall. It then flew over a second wall, slammed onto the highway below and caught fire.

The call came in at approximately 2:30 a.m. on a recent Sunday morning. When emergency personnel arrived at the scene on the westbound side of the highway, they discovered a vehicle engulfed in flames and the body of an individual who was ejected at some point during the accident. It was not until fire fighters had extinguished the flames that the other two occupants of the vehicle were discovered inside. All three of the occupants of the pickup died at the scene.

The lives of three families will never be the same. Not only did they all lose a loved one, but none of them may ever really know why. However, understanding why is not necessary in order for the families of the passengers in the pickup truck to seek restitution for the financial losses incurred due to this tragic car accident. Establishing that the driver was negligent in a manner that caused or contributed the the tragic crash could led a Texas court to consider awarding damages to the surviving families of the victims.

Source: star-telegram.com, "Crash kills 3 in North Richland Hills", Domingo Ramirez, Jr., Dec. 6, 2015