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Criminal Defense Available to Those Facing Charges in Texas

Being accused of a crime can have a negative impact on a person's professional and personal reputation. Depending on the circumstances of an individual case, a person accused of or arrested on suspicion of a crime in Texas could incur severe penalties, if convicted, that might include prison time and/or substantial monetary fines. It might be of comfort to know that there is a team of experienced and dedicated criminal defense attorneys in the Addison area who are prepared to assist you as you plan your defense strategy in light of the charges against you.

Scott H. Palmer, P.C. represents clients in Dallas-Fort Worth area, as well as Allen, McKinney and throughout Texas. We are committed to helping you seek the most positive outcome possible in your case. We will make sure that you understand the legal process as you prepare for court and that you are aware of all potential repercussions following a conviction, including incarceration, restrictions on your driving privileges in certain cases and difficulties sometimes faced in the future when attempting to obtain paid employment or renting or buying a home.

With the help and guidance of the Palmer team, you can begin to make choices as to how best to proceed in order to present an aggressive and effective defense in court. Whether your case involves misdemeanor or felony charges, domestic issues, white collar crime or alleged offenses involving drugs, weapons or violence, American jurisprudence presumes your innocence and protects your right to defend yourself. Scott H. Palmer, P.C. attorneys offer free consultation and case evaluation and are prepared to visit you at home or, if necessary, in jail.

A strong criminal defense is often a crucial component in achieving a successful outcome in court. If you have been arrested or accused of a crime in Texas, you are entitled to retain the assistance of an experienced advocate as you prepare to navigate the legal system. Our team is dedicated and committed to helping you make the most of the options that might be available in your case.