A Solid Defense Is Important When Facing a Drug Offense

Our firm understands that otherwise good people sometimes find themselves on the other side of the law. Unfortunately, even a minor drug offense may not be so minor after a conviction, and jail time and fines can become a reality in situations where it may not seem appropriate. When dealing with any type of drug offense, from possession to intent to distribute, a solid foundation can be the key to a successful defense.

While some people in Texas consider marijuana to be a largely harmless drug, it is still considered a controlled substance in our state. Possessing marijuana -- even a small amount -- can result in an arrest and criminal charges. However, did you know that you don't even have to actually have any marijuana on you to be charged for a related crime?

If you happen to have marijuana paraphernalia -- an item like a pipe or a bong -- on your person, police can still arrest and charge you for a drug crime in some circumstances. How an officer determined that you had this on you can be important, though. Most often, police discover marijuana or related items while conducting a search. If they don't have an adequate reason for searching your person, vehicle or home, anything they found may not even be admissible in court eligible evidence.

When facing any kind of drug offense, what drug, how much of it and how it was discovered and seized can all play a complex and important role in a person's charges. When it comes to making sure that Texas police acted appropriately when deciding to conduct a search, or arguing that an intent to distribute charge should actually be a simple possession charge, we have the experience and knowledge to seek the most favorable outcome possible for our clients. If you're interested in reading more about options for dealing with drug offenses, be sure to visit our website.