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Man Faces Charges Involving Sex Crimes After Girl Gets HIV

If a person is charged with a sex crime, the person’s reputation may quickly become tarnished -- and so could his or her hopes of having a normal life going forward. However, individuals accused of committing sex crimes reserve the right to defend themselves against these serious allegations. One man in Texas might be incarcerated long-term after police said he infected a girl who is 15 years old.

The 31-year-old man apparently met the teen on a chat line back in 2012, police said. The parents of the teen found out that the two had been talking, and the man purportedly lied about his age by saying he was 18. Authorities said several months later, the man and the female teen went to the movies. He then supposedly tried to convince the teen to have intercourse with him in his vehicle.

The man reportedly told the female virgin she had to have sexual relations with men in order for men to like her. The two then had sex without protection, and the girl caught HIV, police said. The girl became so sick that she ended up in a two-week coma and experienced kidney failure. The girl’s parents called police after finding out his true age. The girl may have to use medicine to deal with the HIV for the remainder of her life.

The man eventually pleaded guilty to a charge of sexually assaulting a child. The man will spend 95 years behind bars if convicted on all of the charges. When a person faces charges related to sex crimes, he or she has the right to pursue plea bargaining or to go directly to trial to aggressively fight the charges. He or she has the same legal rights that any other people do when facing criminal charges in Texas.

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