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Man Working as Security Guard Faces Murder Charges in Texas

Texas police officers at a nearby location to a local motel reported that they heard the sound of gunshots and then witnessed a car leaving an area at a high rate of speed. When they arrived at the location from where they heard the shots, they questioned a security guard who was purportedly providing security at the motel. He allegedly replied that he was the one who had shot at a man, and he is now facing murder charges.

According to reports, the man who was driving away from the motel had been shot in the upper torso and traveled less than a half mile before wrecking his car. When authorities approached the vehicle, they discovered that the man was deceased, allegedly from gunshot wounds. It is unclear from the report why the man was on the motel's property, as he was not a registered guest at the time.

The security guard has purportedly stated that he and the man he has been accused of shooting had been involved in an incident, after which the guard's vehicle was reportedly being damaged by the man. As the younger man was driving from the parking area of the motel, the security guard allegedly fired his weapon toward the fleeing car. The man does have a license to possess a firearm and was employed with a private security firm.

Texas authorities have filed murder charges against the security guard in connection to the death of the other man. Understandably, these are serious charges that could result in a prison sentence if the man were to be found guilty. However, being accused of a crime does not equate being found guilty, and the state is charged with the burden of proving that this man intended to kill. He is ensured of the right to review the case that the state will present and to face his accusers in a court of law as he presents his own strong defense in answer to these charges.

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